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Is Hair Transplant In Istanbul Worth It?

People may have different reasons for a visit to overseas just to undergo a hair transplant procedure. The main reason for such a thing is mostly about money. They visit places like Istanbul, where is the capital of Turkey, for a good hair transplantation procedure at a low price. So, is hair transplant in Istanbul worth it? Why people choose Istanbul this much for aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic procedures? Let’s see.

Cosmetic, plastic, and aesthetic procedures can not be affordable by some people. Especially hair transplantation procedures are quite expensive in places like Europe, the U.S., and the U.K. Since nobody is destined to live with a balding head, it is very normal for these people to visit places like Istanbul.

Hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul offer hair transplantation packages for their patients coming from overseas. These packages include the fee for airport transportation, the hotel, and the hair transplantation procedure itself. People are picked up by the airport and taken to their hair transplant clinic by the employees.

There has been a smear campaign running by overseas competitions of Turkish clinics in Istanbul. Some other hair transplantation clinics, surgeons, and critics claim that Turkish clinics perform cutthroat hair transplant procedures and that’s the main reason for the lower prices.

This is actually an advertising campaign because they expect the potential hair transplant candidates to buy their procedures instead of buying those of the Turkish ones. However, the explanation for the low prices is quite simple. It’s all about the currency value difference. The Turkish lira has a lower value and it has lost significant value because of the currency crisis in August 2018.

Because of the partial collapse of the Turkish lira, the prices for aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic procedures has gone low. You can check before and after photos of the previous visitors to these clinics. You can also search for forums and reconsider what you think over them.

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