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How To Choose the Best Hair Transplantation Method

When you take a walk in the streets of Istanbul, you can witness some people walking around with bandages on their heads. You can conclude from this picture that these people had hair transplantation procedures and spending some time in the city. However, you can’t be so sure what kind of hair transplantation procedures these people had. They look the same but they are not performed the same. Did all these people know how to choose the best transplantation method? or did they just go to a hair transplantation clinic or hospital and undergo some procedure?

All people know the characteristics of their hair better than other people. However, you need to first go to a dermatologist and let him/her examine your scalp for any skin disease. You need to find out what’s the real reason behind your hair loss. Once you’re sure of the real reason, the second place you should visit is a hair transplant center, clinic, or a medical hospital.

Hair transplant surgeons will examine your scalp, your hair density, and your possible donor areas to give you some numbers. These numbers are actually the grafts, the number of the hair follicles which can be extracted from your donor area which is generally the back of the head.

There are two main hair transplantation procedures in the industry. FUE and DHI techniques are the most preferred hair transplantation procedures in the industry. Most people who are considered eligible by hair transplant surgeons can undergo both of these procedures.

DHI means good natural appearance, quick and better recovery but can’t be performed in every clinic and hospital. Besides, it’s a bit expensive than the others. FUE also provides natural results and can be performed in almost every aesthetic clinic and hospital. FUE procedures are quite affordable which makes it the number one hair transplantation procedure in the health tourism industry.

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