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Hair Transplantation Cost

Hair transplantation cost is nothing that you can’t afford these days. The rivalry of hair transplantation clinics all around the world has been causing a significant decrease in the procedure prices. Hair transplantation procedures of today are quite safe, successful, and affordable these days. It is true that people suffered from severe complications and hair transplantation failures due to poor surgeon skills. However, you have no idea how advanced hair transplant clinics and how skillful surgeons there are.

If you want to save some pounds for yourself, health tourism is there to help you with that. A hair transplantation procedure in an average hair transplantation clinic in London is 5 times more expensive than those performed in Istanbul, where is considered the biggest health tourism destination.

You need to undergo a medical procedure in a foreign country for some reason and visit there, you’re now a health tourist. Countries like Turkey offer hair transplantation packages to their patients. The fee for hotel and airport transportation expenses and the hair transplant procedure itself is covered with the money that you paid for the package.

It is very normal for people to get suspicious about the prices of these hair transplantation procedures in Turkey. However, the only reason behind such cheap prices is the currency difference between the Turkish Lira and Euro, Dollar.

Besides, the Turkish economy has been losing its value for the last 2 years due to the rising political tensions between the U.S. and Turkey. This resulted in more discounts and more tourists.

The best way to be sure of the safety of hair transplantation procedures in Turkey, you should check the before and after photos of previous visitors. Besides, there are many people who share videos about their hair transplantation experiences in Turkey. They are the best source of information for you.

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