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Touching Hair After Hair Transplant

A hair transplantation surgery is not a simple medical procedure as it seems to many people. There are a couple of eligibility requirements for hair transplant surgery. Every hair transplantation candidate must meet these requirements to undergo the surgery without any problem.

Once you’re considered eligible for it, there are a couple of things more that you are expected to do and don’t during the early days of hair transplantation recovery. For example, some people really can’t help themselves with touching hair after hair transplantation surgery. However, this is completely dangerous because you can’t even see what might come next.

During the early days of hair transplantation recovery, you are not allowed to touch, pull, or scratch your hair. This is very important for your hair transplant’s safety. If you touch your head with your hands or fingers or scratch them, you will increase the risk of infection, swelling, bruising, and itching over your scalp.

You may suffer from unbearable itching because of your hair follicles channels’ healing process. The itching may go even worse after some scabs show on your scalp. Itching is a typical problem after hair transplantation surgery. However, no matter how severe the itching is, you should not interfere with your wounded scalp.

You should not attempt to remove the scabs by force as well. You already know that your scabs will fall on their own when they’re finished with your scalp’s healing process. You can ask for your doctor’s help with the itching problem. He/she can suggest you some creams, lotions, or drugs to make you feel more comfortable.

Once your scabs start falling, this means that your dangerous healing period is over. You can now expose your scalp to warm water (not too cold, not too hot either) and wash your hair. Sunlight exposure can be still dangerous because it’s still not a good idea to force your scalp to sweat like this.

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