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Differences Between Man And Woman Hair Transplant?

Differences Between Man And Woman Hair Transplant

Transferring hair from dense areas to balder areas is critical in female hair transplantation. Women’s hair loss can occur all over the scalp, which is very different from men’s hair loss. Due to a lack of stable donor areas, this barrier sometimes prevents women from benefiting from a full hair transplant treatment. Furthermore, because the baldness process varies more in women than in men, women have fewer donor areas than men.

Finding Right Surgeon is Crucial

In the case of a female hair transplant, it is critical to select the right surgeon to perform the procedure in order to achieve a satisfactory result. Before the procedure, candidates must undergo blood tests to ensure that there are no impediments to female hair transplantation. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the method commonly used for female hair transplants.

Women’s hair transplantation is a delicate procedure that necessitates specialized and delicate care.

American Aesthetics expert team will ensure the success of hair transplantation by analyzing and determining the cause(s) of hair loss and recommending the best technique to restore the original hair.

What Techniques Does American Aesthetic Use?

American Aesthetic primarily uses two distinct techniques for female hair transplantation. The first method is known as FUE. To reduce the possibility of scarring, the FUE technique involves carefully transporting to the bald or thinning areas on the back or side of the head. The second, less common method is known as FUT. If the FUE method is ineffective for the patient, this method will be used.


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