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FUE Scars After 1 Year

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction is the most common hair transplantation procedure in the world. It is the number one procedure performed in health tourism countries like Turkey. People from all over the world prefer such countries to benefit from low-cost high-quality FUE hair transplantation procedures. So, what about your return to your country after FUE? What happens when you’re far away from your clinic? For example, what would you do if you still have FUE scars after 1 year? Let’s take a look.

FUE procedures are performed to provide the best natural appearance to the patients. The procedures are expected to leave no scar or no further hair loss because no one would want to undergo a medical procedure knowing that it would fail, anyway.

It has happened in the past that some previous FUE patients suffered from FUE scars after 1 year. Scars are not normal and they’re common. There may be several reasons for scars after FUE. No matter what the reason behind your scars is, you should not interfere with your transplanted hair and scalp.

Some people may want to apply some hair care products which are believed to effective on hair growth, however, you can’t be so sure if they will not worsen your FUE scars.

You can either see a dermatologist or your hair transplant surgeon to see the reason behind your FUE scars. Some people’s hair growth may take more than a year, meaning that you could still be suffering from partial shock hair loss and scars can be related to this loss.

Shock hair loss is mostly a temporary hair loss that occurs during hair transplantation recovery. Your losses after the shock hair loss will mostly be recovered, however, it may even take a year for you to see your full-grown hair again.

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