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FUE or DHI Hair Transplant

If you are planning to restore your hair soon, then you might get lost between different techniques. However, we bet you are indecisive between the two options, FUE and DHI hair transplant techniques. This is a very common problem that most patients experience.

Thus, we wanted to compile everything you might want to know. We believe the following information will help you to pick the best option for yourself. However, we highly recommend not making any decision without consulting any surgeon.

Which One Is Better FUE or DHI?

This is a quite tricky question since the best concept may differ from one person to another. We can say that both FUE and DHI hair transplants can help you to achieve the desired image and restore your hair. Although both techniques are very similar, they differ during the transplantation process.

One of them, i.e., FUE, rests on your hair follicles before the transplantation while another one, i.e., DHI prefers a more direct approach to transplant these follicles. Each of these methods offers satisfying results for the patients. Some other factors that can affect your choice are the size of the operation area and your desired image.

Which One Is More Expensive: FUE or DHI?

DHI requires much more labor and more expensive equipment compared to FUE. This is why DHI is a bit more expensive than the FUE method. However, prices may vary depending on the clinic you are going to prefer.

On average, DHI costs more than the FUE all around the world. Since the hair transplant techniques, you can prefer to vary depending on your expectations and operation area, you should not worry about the cost but choose the most suitable method for yourself.

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