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Thinning Hair in Children

Thinning hair in children is a very rare thing. It is a fact that some children may not have intense hair density. It is actually not about people’s ages. It’s mostly about genetics, so is hair loss in children. There may be several reasons behind your kid to lose his / her hair at such a young age.

If you feel that your kid’s been suffering from a type of hair loss, the very first thing that you should do about it is to see a dermatologist. Your kid’s scalp and hair follicles will be examined by the doctor for any possible skin diseases.

For example, alopecia areata is a type of hair loss that can be seen in every person, even kids. Alopecia areata hits a specific area on the scalp and causes an areal hair loss. It can also be seen in children who are above 10. Alopecia areata is not a permanent disease meaning that the lost hair follicles grow back after some time. The problem is, it really takes a very long time to fully recover the lost hair after alopecia areata.

Shampoos made for children can be quite effective against thinning hair as well but this does not mean that children should be washed too often because the scalp produces a special oil for the hair follicles. Intense showering will cause dryness on the scalp that may cause further hair loss.

Children should also consume healthy foods like fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables and stay away from fatty and sugary food most of the time. Besides, the body needs water more than anything. Hair follicles require lots of water to refresh themselves during the day.

Depression also causes hair loss in children, men, and women. If an individual spends his / her rest phase with depression, the hair loss can be permanent and irreversible.

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