Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Alternatives to Hair Transplantation

Experts say that if a bald person wants to see some hair on his head again, the best method for that is a possible hair transplantation procedure. Despite the fact that there are numerous hair transplantation procedures that are suitable for most people, the number of people who are not eligible for any of these procedures is also high. These people may not have a chance for real hair transplantation but can look for other options. There are numerous alternatives to hair transplantation. Let’s take a look at these natural and surgical hair restoration methods in our post.

It is true that people suffered from severe complications including severe skin diseases like skin necrosis because of unnatural and unskilled hair growth methods or procedures. Today, people can enjoy numerous non-cutthroat hair growth methods and procedures. For example, PRP and mesotherapy are considered effective for hair growth, however, none of them have been approved by any medical community yet.

Scalp micropigmentation and artificial hair implantation procedures are the most preferred hair restoration procedures for those who are not qualified for a real hair transplant procedure. It is true that that can’t provide what a real hair transplant procedure can, however, you have no idea how good they are today. Especially micropigmentation is preferred for those who are okay with short hairstyles. Buzzheads generally prefer it because it provides a magnificent topical effect on the scalp.

Artificial hair implants are not like real hair plugs but they look perfectly natural these days. Those unnatural artificial hair implants of the past are now history. Besides, artificial hair implants do not fall unless they’re forced to by pulling or scratching too hard. However, since deformation is almost inevitable in time, replacements for some of your artificial hair implants may be needed in the future. This generally increases the total cost.

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