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Post Hair Transplant Tips

Hair transplant is one of the most performed aesthetic procedures in the world today. People who have different hair types and ethnicity can receive natural-looking hair transplant procedures these days. However, getting the best hair transplant procedure does not depend on the surgeon’s skills completely. There are some common post hair transplant tips that every person who recently took a hair transplant procedure should follow.

There are so many cases in which the surgeon performs the best surgery and the hair transplant goes wrong during the recovery time. Some patients don’t take this situation serious and do not give the after-surgery care to their newly transplanted hair. We would like to give you a couple of tips about how the best after-surgery care given to your transplanted hair.

1. Be Careful While Washing Your Hair

One of the most important things that patients consider is the washing of the hair. How often the hair should be washed or should it be ever washed are the main problems with this issue.

During the early days of recovery ( 2-3 days ), you should not expose your hair to water. After you feel that your wounds are started to heal, you can wash your hair slowly and gently with shampoo and warm water. You should be extra careful while you rinsing your hair at the end of the washing.

You should spend 2-3 weeks by executing this washing plan. After that, you can wash your hair as you once did.

2. Watch Your Sleeping Position

This is where you should do your best about your hair. Since you can’t control your body during sleep, you should be put your body in such a position that your hair grafts don’t take any damage.

Sleeping in an upright position is considered the best way to provide the safest sleep environment for transplanted hair. Your hair will be vulnerable during the early weeks of recovery. Sleeping in this position mostly prevents swelling, itching and typically bleeding problems.

3. Medication Choice

You should use the drugs suggested by your surgeon only. Your doctor knows your situation best so taking other kinds of drugs may decrease your problems but it may also bring other complications.

If you are questions to ask about hair transplant recovery, you simply ask them to your surgeon. Your surgeon is supposed to have all the answers to your questions. Remember that the worst scenario is the possibility of getting a repair surgery after your hair transplant has failed.

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