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What is the best Hair Transplantation Method?

People can be very desperate when they watch their hair going thin day by day. Male and female pattern baldness is the worst thing that could happen to a person. So what can be done about thinning hair? Is there a way to increase the density of the hair? Here is your answer, the best way to see some real hair on your head is a possible real hair transplantation procedure. So, what is the best hair transplantation method? How can you choose the best hair transplantation procedure for your scalp? Let’s take a look.

In order to choose the best hair transplantation procedure, you need to know some basic information about the market’s best ones. Follicular unit extraction ( FUE ) and Direct hair implantation ( DHI ) procedures are the most common hair transplantation procedures in the world. The reason why they are preferred that much is generally associated with the natural results they provide to their candidates.

The best important thing when it comes to getting a hair transplant procedure is natural results. One wants to keep his / her ethnicity look on the face after a hair transplantation procedure.

FUE procedures look more reasonable when it’s compared to DHI procedures. It also gives natural results but does not cost as much as a standard DHI procedure does. However, DHI is a more advanced hair transplantation technique in which more robotic calculations and equipment are used.

If you have the means to undergo a DHI procedure, don’t hesitate to get it. However, DHI procedures can only be performed in advanced hair transplant clinics with a high-end inventory. Besides, it is a fact that DHI procedures promise faster and better recovery after hair transplant surgery. You can visit a health tourism destination like Istanbul for a low-cost high-quality DHI or FUE procedure, they are almost 5 times cheaper than those performed in Europe, the U.S., and the U.K.

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