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Sex After Hair Transplant

There is no doubt that hair loss is almost every man’s nightmare. People may experience a decrease in self-esteem, especially men who may feel very desperate upon losing their hair at an early age. Today, so many people consider hair transplant procedures as the final solution. However, after hair transplantation, people may have to live a little differently than they did before the surgery.

If you have made your decision about a hair transplant surgery, you should already know the risks and the possible complications that you may encounter. Swelling, bruising, pain, inflammation is among these complications that liposuction patients may experience after the procedures.

Sex During Hair Transplantation Recovery

One of the most important things that should be done during the recovery is not interfering with the planted hair follicles. The scalp tissue needs some time to completely accept the new hair follicles. During this time, it’s better for patients to cover their heads with hats or some items similar to it.

During the sex, there is a high chance of couples to interfere with the hair strands. Most surgeons even say that patients should gently rinse the hair when they’re allowed to wash their hair. If the person interferes with the newly planted hair follicles, like pulling, the person may experience some complications after some time.

One of the most common complications caused by recovery time sex is swellings. Since the scalp is still in an adaptation state, the immune system of the person may seem the individual hair follicles as threats to the body. It is the main reason for swellings after hair transplants, and during sex, the immune system may react very badly because of the pressure on the hair follicles.

In order to provide the safest environment for sex, the head should be covered with hat just like done during the rest of the day. Touching, pulling and sweating around the scalp increases the risk of infection, bruising, inflammation, itching, pain and the worst one, the possibility of the hair transplant’s to fail.

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