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Beard and Mustache Micropigmentation

Beard and mustache micropigmentation has been very popular for years. The reason for that is generally associated with the trend in the world. People would like to catch up with the beard and mustache trend that has been influencing most young men for years. However, not all men have enough hair on their mustache and beard area. Some even do not have a single hair on their faces. This is where the aesthetic world comes and gives a hand to these people.

Beard, mustache, and scalp micropigmentation procedures are all based on the same procedure principles. Pigments that are adjusted to skin color and existing hair follicles are planted on people’s recipient areas ( scalp, upper lips, and face) to provide a topical effect on them. Micropigmentation procedures require people to keep their existing hair, mustache, and beard in very short levels since the pigments are not real hair follicles that will not grow as alive ones.

Micropigmentation procedures are generally preferred to cover bald sides on the face and scalp. Other people are not supposed to see the receding hairlines or irregular bald areas on people’s face and upper lips area after micropigmentation procedures. Micropigmentation procedures are highly preferred celebrities and known personalities who have a bald hairstyle.

However, micropigmentation procedures generally have durability. This means that pigments may deform in time and people may need additional micropigmentation restoration procedure. Replacements should always be taken into consideration when it comes to getting a micropigmentation procedure. Procedures are not so expensive in the beginning but it reaches higher levels when the additional repair jobs are taken into consideration.

Not all clinics and hospitals are able to perform micropigmentation procedures. Only advanced clinics with high-end medical equipment can perform such procedures. However, with the fast development in health tourism, people even visit other countries like Turkey for such procedures.

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