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Hair Transplant Turkey Packages

Everyone knows of Turkey’s great rise in the aesthetic world. Turkey is a great destination for those who would like to get an aesthetic procedure abroad. There may be several reasons for that like financial reasons. However, that is not the only reason for tourists to choose Turkey for such purposes. For example, Turkey is the number one country for its best hair transplantation procedures.

There are numerous methods used to perform hair transplantation procedures. FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, and DHI, Direct Hair Implant are the most common hair transplantation methods that are frequently performed in Turkey, İstanbul.

Hotel, Airport, and Hair Transplant Surgery

If you want to visit Turkey for health tourism, you need to understand how things are done there. The clinics in Turkey offer you a package of services. This package includes airport transportation fees, hotel stay expenses, and your procedure. You pay for the package once and all of these expenses are covered with that money.

Most nearby hotels have contracts with famous aesthetic clinics in Turkey. And don’t worry, you have no idea how great the hotels in Istanbul are. Clinics generally prefer 4-star hotels for their patients and they are not far away from 2 km to each other.

The packages are not so expensive as you can imagine. This is the main reason for the tourist to choose Istanbul for aesthetic procedures but you need to know that Turkish clinics have the best surgeons ever. They have also offices in the big cities of Europe and the U.S. You always have a chance to see the before and after photos of the previous patients.

Most Turkish clinics are accredited with the clinics of the European aesthetic industry. You can simply make a search over the resumes of most Turkish surgeons and you’ll see their education history.

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