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Safety Of Hair Transplants

You should understand that your new hair follicles will fall out sometime after your hair transplant. This does not mean that your transplant has failed. Your immune system attacks the hair follicles and makes them fall out in the first. Then your new fresh hair strands that are compatible with your scalp tissue will grow. During the recovery time, extra care should be taken for the safety of hair transplants.

The most important things when it comes to the safety of your hair transplant are generally associated with your physical interaction with it. The surgeons strictly warn you not to touch your hair for some time. You need to get used to this situation until your hair transplant has completely recovered. Until that time here is the list that includes everything you should take into consideration when it comes to the safety of your hair transplant:

What To Do After Hair Transplant

  • You will need at least 9 months to see the full result of your hair transplant procedure. Until that time you are not allowed to touch and wash your hair within the first week of your recovery.
  • You should not have sex for two weeks until your hair follicles are connected with your scalp tissue completely.
  • If you do not want your hair transplant to fail, you should get away from sunlight. This is not a suggestion, this is a must. Ultraviolet and X-rays will make your hair transplant fail. Other than that, pushing your wounded scalp sweat in that situation will also increase the risk of your hair transplant to fail
  • If you want to go outside, you should always wear a hat or something that may help you with covering your head.
  • It is for your own best that you don’t smoke or drink during your recovery time. You would not want your body to face dehydration during the recovery. Consume lots of water to speed up your recovery.

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