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Sleep During Hair Transplant Recovery

There are so many certain requirements that you should meet before considering a hair transplant procedure. After you’ve been considered as a good candidate for a hair transplant, there are more things that should be done during your recovery as well. You should remember that most hair transplant failure cases are generally associated with the poor aftercare of them. For example, sleeping is the most important issue when it comes to hair transplant aftercare. Sleep during hair transplant recovery should be done based on certain ways in order to provide the best safety and comfort to the newly transplanted hair follicles.

It is always best to leave your hair strands short during your recovery time. Hair follicles are weak during the first 2 months and they keep adapting their new place. Any external interaction with them may damage the hair roots and cause hair fall. You are more long hair is more likely to take damage from the environmental factors during sleep.

How to Sleep During Hair Transplant Recovery

Since you can not stand awake during the first two weeks, you should adjust your sleeping accordingly. Your hair is not supposed to touch anything during your sleep. Nothing is supposed to touch your hair strands either. It is the best thing to wear a hat during your sleep. A good, soft hat will prevent your hair strands from any external damage and provide you the best comfort during your sleep.

Your pillow and blanket should be made of a material that does not attach to your hair strands. Your body will be resting during your sleep so you are more vulnerable to threats during your sleep. You should wake up a couple of times during your sleep and check if your positioning is good or not. You should get yourself into the position and keep sleeping after you are done with your positioning.

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