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Laser Therapy After Hair Transplant

People may not be okay with the recovery time after a hair transplant. They may feel like they have not got the perfect hair transplantation and the results are not just as they expected. They want to try out some other options after a failed hair transplant.

However, the worst scenario when it comes to an aesthetic procedure like a hair transplantation procedure is a repair job. Most people are not okay with the repair jobs after a so-colled failed hair transplant surgery. Some candidates may try laser therapy after a hair transplant procedure.

What is Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy involves the laser beam sessions which aim to affect the scalp tissue and make it react to feed hair follicles more than before. The laser therapy can be considered as an after hair transplant option, however, surgeons do not suggest that.

There is no certain proof that laser therapy or mesotherapy is any effect on growing new hair. If the hair strands are predisposed to fall out, there is nothing you can do to save them from falling out. We already said that men are cursed with male pattern baldness. If the hair strands on the back of the head don’t work on the area where the person suffers from hair loss, hair transplantation should not be considered an option.

The hair strands on the back of the head are genetically and mostly coded not to fall out that easily. They are strong hair follicles and they are not so easily interrupted by the male pattern baldness. However, there are so many cases in which male pattern baldness destroys the hair density no matter what the individual does to prevent the balding from happening.

We strongly suggest that you undergo a hair transplant procedure if you are the best candidate for it. Any additional repair sessions or treatment may make your hair transplant fail, so consider yourself alone with your newly transplanted hair.

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