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Cause Of Hair Fall

We know that men are cursed with hair loss. There may be several reasons for the balding head of a person. The most common reason for this is male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is a type of hair loss in which a man’s hair is predisposed to fall out whatever he does to prevent this from happening. Here in our post, we would like to tell you more about the cause of hair fall.

Sometimes you may feel that your hair falls out more than usual. You may think of this that it’s because of high stress and depression, or the food you’ve eaten lately. However, you won’t be so sure unless you’ve seen a dermatologist about your hair loss.

What Is The Reason For My Hair Loss?

In order to figure what’s the reason behind your hair fall, you must first understand how your scalp works. Every 3 years, the scalp enters a resting state called ” rest phase ” and your hair falls out more than usual. The rest phase generally lasts for 3 months and the hair strands lost during the state are recovered by your scalp during the time.

Male pattern baldness and hair loss caused by high stress and depression are generally associated with the rest phase. These factors cause the rest phase to last longer than usual.

If you’re taking some treatments which include strong chemicals like chemotherapy, your hair loss is almost inevitable. The strong chemicals used during the chemotherapy session aim to kill cancer cells along with the healthy ones. Healthy cells on the scalp tissue are also killed by chemo and hair strands don’t receive the feeding they need.

Some women may experience hair loss during menopause. Because of the hormonal changes on the body, the roots of hair strands become unstable and eventually start to fall out.

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