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Alternatives to FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE, is the number one hair transplantation procedure in the health tourism industry, there is no doubt about that. High-quality FUE procedures can be performed for low prices if candidates want to visit other countries for health tourism purposes. There are certain eligibility requirements for a real hair transplantation procedure like FUE. For example, the most important eligibility element in hair transplantation procedures is donor area capability. If you do not have enough hair follicles required for the transplantation job, this means you’re not eligible. This is actually where you should start looking for some alternative to FUE.

Direct hair implantation is another good hair transplantation procedure in the industry. However, if you’re not eligible for FUE because of insufficient hair follicles on your donor area, then you’re not eligible for a DHI procedure as well. So, you need to look for some other options which are not real hair transplantation procedures.

Scalp micropigmentation and artificial hair implantation are the most common hair restoration procedures which are not classified as real hair transplantation. Scalp micropigmentation is performed on those who are okay with the fact that they will have to live with a buzz haircut style for the rest of their lives. It provides a topical effect on your scalp by increasing the hair density appearance on it.

Artificial hair implants are not real hair strands. They are made of synthetic fibers and planted on the areas where the candidates suffer from hair loss. Artificial hair implants need special care meaning that you may need to take care of them with different types of chemical cleaning products.

You will definitely suffer from deformation on your hair implant and may need to undergo additional artificial hair implantation procedures for replacements. Considering the additional procedure, artificial hair implantation may cost you more than any other procedure in the industry.

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