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How Are Stem Cells Used In A Hair Transplant Procedure?

How Are Stem Cells Used In A Hair Transplant Procedure (1)

Many methods have been tried from past to present to stop hair loss, re-grow hair and make existing hair healthier. However, no solution tried for hair loss has been as effective as the treatment methods used today. Stem Cell Hair Transplantation is one of the successful hair transplantation methods these days.

Stem Cell Hair Transplantation is an effective method that is applied with hair transplantation or independently from hair transplantation, especially in recent years.

Hair transplants with stem cells are known by many people as a hair transplant technique, so it is called stem cell hair transplantation. This is one of the well-known misconceptions. Yes, hair transplantation is supported by applying stem cell therapy to the hair before or after hair transplantation. However, it is not a concept directly related to hair transplantation.

How is Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Performed?

Stem cell hair transplantation cannot be completed in one day. This treatment method can be applied in two different stages performed at different times. Let’s see the steps of the application by answering the question of how hair stem cell treatment is done.

  • When you go to a hair transplantation center to get Stem Cell Hair Transplantation, they first take a piece of tissue from your scalp that is even smaller than a lentil.
  • The tissue piece taken is passed through some special processes.
  • The tissue is sent to the laboratory, where it is analyzed and reproduced. It may take 2-3 weeks for the tissue sample to be ready through laboratory procedures.
  • Stem cells analyzed and reproduced in the laboratory come to the place where stem cell hair transplantation is performed.
  • You go to the relevant place again, and the stem cells obtained are injected into your scalp. And the stem cell hair transplant treatment is completed.

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