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Hair Transplant Turkey Price

A balding hair used to be considered a trend icon in the past. Naturally, bald celebrities or people who fully shave their hair to catch up with the trend were everywhere. However, 2020’s World is something different, people are trying to be seen such perfect in every way that building extra muscles are not considered special anymore. So what about the balding heads? Do they really have to leave it that way just because they’re losing their hair? Of course not, this is actually where the hair transplantation situation shows up and makes the people’s dreams come true.

Why Does Hair Fall Out?

There is no doubt that every person who’s been suffering from hair loss considers getting a hair transplant surgery. Especially men see this mostly as a matter of ” men’s pride “. Men’s hair loss at early ages generally is generally caused by the reduction of testosterone hormone. This situation is sometimes seen as a humiliation for men. Other reasons for hair loss can be listed as follows:

  • Irregular chemical use ( soap and shampoo )
  • The massive use of some drugs
  • Genetics
  • Chemical treatment of a serious disease ( chemotherapy etc. )

Hair Transplantation Options

People mostly prefer other countries to get a hair transplantation procedure instead of their homeland. The main reason for this is the low prices in countries that are famous for such procedures. Hair transplantation clinics in countries like Turkey generally offer the best procedure packages to tourists.

Procedure packages generally include the surgery, accommodation, and airport transportation expenses, which means you pay just once for all your expenses and you’re not asked for additional money.

When we want to compare the prices in Istanbul between Europe or U.S, clinics in Istanbul offer you packages almost 5 times cheaper. An average hair transplantation package costs around $2,500 – $3,500 depending on the options you’ve chosen and you can’t find a clinic in Europe that performs such surgeries cheaper than $10,000.

Don’t let the cheap prices misguide you because they are typically adjusted with the economic status of the country. Most of the Turkish Clinics have offices in big cities of Europe like London, Paris, Munich and the doctors are approved in both Turkey and Europe.

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