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Black Man Hair Transplant

If you are a black man and feel like your hair is destined to fall out, you start to consider your options on recovering your hair density. The most preferred method is a real hair transplantation surgery these days. So many people would like to get a hair transplantation procedure like FUE, short for follicular unit extraction and see the perfect results as soon as possible. Black man hair transplant is one of the most complicated procedures and we would like to give some need-to-know information about how it’s done.

There are different types of hair in the world. Curly, wavy, straight hair is the most common hair type. Ethnicity has a great role in hair types. For example, the Chinese have very straight hair and it seems like their hair has a great density. But actually it is not, Chinese people have more hair follicles but they have fewer hair strands comparing to people with other ethnicities.

Black Man Hair Type and Transplant

Almost every black man has a wavy hair type. This extremely wavy hair of them gives a high-density look on their head. However, when a black man experiences hair loss, it’s like he’s cursed because hair is so important to black people who belong to different cultures in the world.

A black man should get the most suitable hair transplantation for himself. The hair transplant should give him the appropriate ethnicity look. In order to do this, you should find the best surgeon for you. If a surgeon transplants your hair as how he transplants the hair of a Chinese man, you will not get your ethnicity look on your bearing.

The best hair transplantation method for a black man is DHI, short for direct hair implant. It is similar to FUE but the extracted hair follicles are transplanted with the help of an implanter. The implanter instrument makes the most painless incisions with the best calculations. The most accurate calculations are good for granting the ethnicity look to a black man. That’s why DHI is the best method for a black man who’s considering getting a hair transplantation procedure.

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