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Hair Implants in Turkey

Hair Implant is the overall term used for the procedure in which hair follicles on the donor area of the scalp are extracted and planted on the recipient of the patient. Hair transplantation or implant is one of the most performed aesthetic procedures in the world and it’s also considered one of the safest ones in the world. With the development of health tourism in the world, hair transplantation has become a transatlantic industry.

High prices on the aesthetic industry make people visit other countries with a smaller economical growth like Turkey. Turkey is considered the mainland of health tourism and is a bridge between the western and eastern countries. Since the hair transplantation procedures are included in the aesthetic world, they are massively performed in Turkey, especially in its capital Istanbul…

There are several hair transplantation methods performed in almost every country. From the ancient ones to the most recent ones, almost all of the methods are still in use. However, the famous FUE, short for Follicular Unit Extraction is the shining star of the industry. It gives the best natural-looking results to the patients but the prices are a bit high compared with the other methods in the industry.

2000-2500 grafts extraction is generally suggested to those who would like to get an FUE hair transplantation procedure. In order to prevent the donor site of the scalp from being exhausted, increasing the graft extraction amount is not suggested without the doctor’s permission.

There are several famous hair transplantation methods other than FUE but they are generally based on FUE. For example, the ice graft method, the procedure in which the individual follicles are extracted and put into tanks full of ice and they are planted on the recipient area of the scalp. The whole procedure except for the icy part is almost the same as FUE. But such procedures are a way more expensive than the original FUE.

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