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Donor Area Options

Hair transplant surgeries are men’s most preferred aesthetic procedures. The reason behind this is the curse of the males, hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by several reasons, especially by male pattern hair loss. However, real and good hair transplantation can be a solution to its problem. A standard hair transplant involves the extraction of real hair follicles ( the smallest organs of the body ) from a donor part of the scalp. These real alive hair follicles are later planted in the area where the person has been suffering from hair loss. However, the donor area does not have the same hair density in every people. Donor area options are to be considered if a candidate is running out of choices.

When we say the term ” donor area ” most people think of the back of the head. Actually, they have the right to think so but a donor area stands for the area in which the hair follicles are extracted. What if we do not use the back of the head as a donor area? Can we extract hair from other parts of the body? For example, there are lots of hairy people whose head is almost bald. It is kind of so unfair when you think that you don’t have a single hair on the top of your head while you have lots of hair on your legs, arms, and chest.

Body Hair On Hair Transplant

If you have no chance but to use your body hair as a donor area, then you should do it. You may not get the best hair transplant since the body hair is a bit different than the hair on your scalp. A good hair transplant is generally associated with the natural results it gives to the candidate.

Since the body hair is not the same as your hair on the scalp, you may not get the most natural results you would like to see. The body hair may be thinner than your hair on the scalp. However, the success of a hair transplant is not based on the donor area.

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