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Asian Hair Transplant

Asians people are mostly associated with their long and intense hair. Most people think that Asians have more hair than other people. However, this is not true. There are hair follicles on the scalp of every man. These hair follicles are small organs of the human body and each has 1-4 hair strands. Asian people’s hair follicles have 1-2 hair strands and this is the way most people think that they have more hair than the other people. However, this situation provides a more hair density look on the Asian people’s appearance. Since Asian people have different hair types of hair follicles, things are a bit different when it comes to thinking about an Asian hair transplant as well.

Asian hair transplants should a way different than the other types of hair transplants. For example, you can not perform curly hair transplant incisions on an Asian person. A good surgeon should perform the most suitable hair transplant procedure on his patients. Asian people’s hair transplant requires the most advanced and modern hair transplant procedures. FUE and DHI are the most common hair transplant procedures in the aesthetic industry.

Which Hair Transplant Is Good For Asian People

The most suitable hair transplant procedure for Asian people is DHI, the direct hair implant procedure. A direct hair implant allows the surgeon to make the slightest incisions on an Asian patient. Slight incisions mean that the wounds will recover faster and better. And the calculations are done with the utmost accuracy. Angles and depth of the hair follicles are adjusted according to the ethnicity look that an Asian guy requires.

DHI hair transplant on an Asian guy can be a little bit expensive but it is the most modern in the market. There is always no DHI failure cases that have been reported until this time. If you are an Asian and okay with the expensive prices of DHI procedures, you should definitely get a DHI procedure.

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