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The Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

A hair transplant is a certain method to get rid of your hair loss problems. Since hair transplantation is cosmetic surgery, health insurance may not cover the cost of hair transplantation. For this reason, people who need hair transplantation start looking for places that give the best results at a cheaper cost. Turkey comes at the beginning of this kind of place. Health tourism is a very important place in the manic mission cost hair transplant in Turkey are available from the content of this article.

Why hair transplantation in Turkey cheaper?

There are some external factors that determine the price of cosmetic surgeries, such as hair transplant surgeries. One of these factors is the exchange rate. Due to the depreciation of the Turkish Lira against the Dollar and Euro in recent years, you can undergo cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant at cheaper than in other European countries. However, the fact that being cheap that made of hair transplantation surgery in Turkey doesn’t mean that they offer poor quality of service and provide poor results. Most of the cosmetic surgery performed in Turkey has a high percentage of success.

Another factor affecting the cost is the experience and popularity of the doctor who performs hair transplantation. If you get the hair transplant treatment from a popular doctor with high experience, the cost will increase. However, Turkish doctors are well known and successful in this field. You can get hair transplant treatment from Turkish doctors at a cheaper cost than European doctors.

London is known as one of the most expensive cities in Europe. Prices for an average hair transplant treatment in London are around $ 15,000. But you can get with prices starting from about $ 3,000 to treat hair transplantation of the same quality Turkey. Do not forget that you can take a vacation while having your hair transplant treatment. If you would like to receive more information about hair transplantation in Turkey, or if you want to hear about our offer, please contact us by filling out the form above.

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