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Best Age For Hair Transplant

To consider hair transplantation is not enough for the procedure’s success. The candidate should meet some needs in order to receive the best hair transplant procedure. There are several factors that affect the efficiency of a hair transplant procedure. For example, there are so many people who would want an answer to this question: ” What is the best age for hair transplant? “.

In order to give the right answer to this question, you should first know who can get a hair transplant or who can’t… The reasons beyond age are more significant and may really affect the future of a patient’s hair transplant procedure.

Who Is Not Suitable For Hair Transplant Surgery?

A typical hair transplant surgery involves local anesthesia which means that a patient should have a good health condition, especially his/her heart has to be a strong one. Some people may enter a trauma because of the high effect of the anesthetic drug.

The number of people that receive a chemical treatment like chemotherapy has been increasing day by day. Chemotherapy involves the gradual injection of strong medical chemicals to kill cancer cells. During this procedure, some amount of healthy cells are also killed and the patient loses hair eventually. If you receive chemotherapy treatment, you should strictly avoid a hair transplantation surgery otherwise your hair will be more likely to fall out again.

A typical hair transplantation procedure involves the extraction of hair follicles from a donor area of the person. This donor area is generally the back of the scalp. In order to keep the donor area density at some level, the surgeon carefully watches the number of grafts he/she extracts. However, some people in old age don’t even the enough hair density in their donor area. These people are not suggested to get a hair transplant unless they want to face an exhausted donor area

Young age is worst for a person, but it’s best for a hair transplant. According to the data, People who are between 25-40 are generally the best candidates for hair transplant procedures.

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