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Artificial Hair Transplant – All You Need To Know

Artificial Hair Transplant – All You Need To Know

Hair loss is a common problem among men. Although multiple solutions offer you natural-looking, for this annoying problem, not every procedure results in natural-looking, and the procedures that give you natural-looking results could be relatively expensive. Artificial hair transplant, on the other hand, could be the best option for those who cannot afford the traditional hair transplant methods. 

What is Artificial Hair Transplant Procedure?

Artificial hair transplantation is one of the most advanced hair transplant treatment methods, and only licensed specialists can perform this procedure. Clinic technicians are usually the ones who execute the most popular FUE and FUT procedures. In an artificial hair transplant procedure, surgeons plant synthetic hair fibers on your recipient area. A common approach is based on Dr. Norman Orentreich‘s donor and recipient theory, which is regarded as the father of modern hair transplantation. The artificial or synthetic hair transplanting surgery appears to be similar to the well-known DHI procedure.

Features of Artificial Hair Fibers

Hair fibers are artificial hair strands that will be placed on your recipient area to make the scalp feel as they were real, living hair units. Their roots are plated with keratin to prevent infection and inflammation. They are implanted one at a time by the surgeon, similar to the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure.

Artificial hair fibers may not always provide you the most natural appearance. It is regarded as your last hope if you have been suffering from baldness. To keep their fresh appearance and ensure the greatest and longest endurance, they require more special attention. According to doctors, even with the finest care, artificially transplanted hair loses its original new look after one year, necessitating annual hair transplantation surgery.

When additional restoration operations are taken into account, artificial or synthetic hair transplantation is one of the most expensive surgeries in the world. Because they are not living hair units, they require special attention. Those who have had an artificial hair transplant should avoid using chemicals and hair dryers regularly.

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