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First-Washing After Hair Transplant

One of the factors influencing the success of a hair transplant surgical procedure is the aftercare procedure. To acquire the most accurate results from a hair transplant procedure, you need to take careful care of your hair strands afterward. Hair washing is a crucial aspect of the hair transplant recovery process. In this article, we’ll try to answer your questions about first-washing after a hair transplant surgery.

  • When it comes to cleaning your hair following a hair transplant, the key is to be gentle. Any rubbing, fingernail contact, or excessive trauma to your transplanted hair would be damaging, and believe me when I say this. It doesn’t pique your curiosity.
  • Another key item to consider is the shampoo. Your shampoo should be devoid of parabens and full of naturally regenerating components. Always touch your grafts lightly and slide your fingers in a vertical plane when shampooing your hair, never rubbing them horizontally or in a circular manner. No massaging, please!
  • You should be able to lightly massage your hair after day 13 to assist shed any crusting that has formed during the healing process.
  • After hair transplant surgery, the optimal time to wash your hair differs from person to person. Your surgeon will tell you when you can wash your hair again following surgery. The optimal time is usually two to four days after surgery.

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