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Hair Transplant Recovery and COVID-19

A hair transplant is sometimes considered a simple aesthetic procedure to perform by some people. The little organs of the body, hair follicles can be so little but the hair transplantation procedure itself is not a simple one to perform. If you do not take the best care of your scalp after a hair transplant procedure, you may suffer from severe complications during your recovery and may even face a hair transplant fail. We have been witnessing COVID-19 impact on the lives of people these days. Hair transplant recovery and COVID-19 should be associated with each other in terms of the future of your hair transplant.

COVID-19 is known as a destroyer of your immune system. After this disease’s hit on your body, your immune system starts failing and you will feel this failure in every part of your body, especially in your lungs. The best way to protect yourself from getting infected by Coronavirus is about your cleaning. You should keep your body, especially your hands clean and watch your distance with other people to protect yourself from possible Coronavirus infection. Now think about yourself recovering at home after your hair transplant procedure and get coronavirus somehow, what would be the consequences?

What Can Coronavirus Do After Hair Transplant

Your immune system is targeted by Coronavirus after your infection. Since all aesthetic clinics stopped their operations due to the pandemic, We assume that you got your hair transplant surgery before the COVID-19 outbreak. So you should consider this a chance for you to get the best care of your hair transplant during recovery.

You are expected to stay at home during the first two weeks of your recovery from hair transplant surgery. However, you may need to take a walk sometimes but you should be very careful because if you’re infected by Coronavirus, you may suffer from a hair transplant fail because of the severe COVID-19 symptoms.

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