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After 10 Years of Hair Transplant

We know the definite solution to hair loss and baldness is a hair transplant. However, a hair transplant is a relatively expensive procedure so, you can expect the hair transplant procedure results with good and permanent. Although hair transplant procedures end with good results, when you don’t take good care of your hair, shedding may begin again.

Great results after a hair transplant can depend on different factors. But, the most important factor is you. There are two types of patients in the hair transplant procedure. One of them is one who takes good care of his/her hair and the other is one who didn’t take care of his/her hair. If you are the type of patient who takes care of their hair well and follows the treatment process, your hair transplant treatment may result well and your planted hair can be long-lasting. Otherwise, your hair may begin to fall out before 10 years—after hair transplant treatment.

Additionally, the hair follicles on the back and sides of the head are very strong and usually do not fall out even if you are very old. This region is used as a donor area in hair transplantation treatments due to this feature. For this reason, the possibility of hair loss is low in the well-maintained hair after transplantation.

Another factor of success of hair transplant is the clinic and doctor you are going to undergo hair transplant treatment. Usually, good clinics and doctors prepare a major plan for you.

As a result, the success of the hair transplantation treatment depends on you and how you take care of hair. Also, transplanted hairs are strong and tend to not fall out. So, the good results of a hair transplant mostly depend on you.

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