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Non-surgical Hair Transplant

Standard hair transplantation has the same surgery principles as a tissue transplant procedure. Since the hair follicles are considered organs of the body, the procedure is called a ” transplant “. A hair transplantation procedure is an invasive surgery that involves anesthetic administration. So what is a non-surgical hair transplant? Is it possible to perform a non-surgical hair transplant? Let’s take a look.

We would like to start this one by telling you that there is no such thing called a ” non-surgical hair transplant “. Because the transplantation process is what makes hair transplantation an invasive medical procedure. It is true that there are a couple of non-surgical hair restoration procedures but a hair transplant is not one of them.

There are less invasive medical procedures like scalp micropigmentation and artificial hair implantation procedures. Both of these procedures promise a good success and natural result but none of them can achieve what a real hair transplant surgery can.

There are some drugs that are considered good for hair growth. Minoxidil and finasteride are the most common hair growth products on the market. However, the idea of ” hair growth ” is not the same as how you think it is.

These hair growth products make little and weak hair follicles grow a bit bigger. Most people think that these products create new hair follicles but they’re not. Once your hair follicles are gone, they’re gone for sure. Your scalp does not have the ability to create new hair follicles on it.

However, there is another problem with these medications. If you want to take them, you need to take them forever because the little hair follicles will go small and weak again if you stop taking them. That’s the success rate of such medications is still a debate.

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