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Pregnancy Hair Loss

Pregnancy is probably one of the worst nightmares of many women. The thought of having a baby is the best thing in the world for sure, however, pregnancy and post-pregnancy period can be a real hardship for some women. For example, some women suffer from excess weight and saggy skin situıations after pregnancy and they are probably the worst ones about it. However, there is another problem that can be associated with the post-pregnancy period, pregnancy hair loss…

Pregnancy is really a tough period to pass because women’s body conditions change because of the baby inside. Their hormonal activities are not stable and there may so many ups and downs because of the pregnancy. Some of these problems may keep staying even after pregnancy.

Pregnancy hair loss is not so common but it does happen for sure. Such hair loss after pregnancy can be both permanent or temporary. If the pregnancy coincided with the rest phase, the hair loss can be a bit much and permanent.

The rest phase is a period when hair strands fall more than usual. It lasts for 3 months and occurs every 3 years. After the rest phase, the lost hair strands are supposed to grow back in the next months. However, factors like high-depression, hormonal changes, pregnancy, chemical treatments, skin diseases may cause the rest phase to last longer than expected.

Pregnancy hair loss is rare and the loss is mostly recovered in time. It may take a while to fully recover the loss of hair strands, so nourishing conditions can be used for better and faster hair growth. Such products are completely safe to use and should not be used after pregnancy only, but also during the whole life.

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