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Hair Transplant DHI – Direct Hair Implantation

Hair transplant DHI is the most successful method used to treat hair loss. Although most people preferred the Follicular Unit Extraction over Direct Hair Implantation, it is the most successful method that results in what you want. Well, here is brief information about Hair Transplant DHI – Direct Hair Implantation and the answer to the question of why people are willing to prefer FUE over DHI.

Direct Hair Implantation, or most commonly known as DHI, is the most advanced hair transplant method and is similar to the Follicular Unit Extraction method. DHI and FUE methods are so similar to each other that some experts have named the DHI method Micro-FUE.

As you know, hair transplantation methods have the same logic and are applied using similar methods. However, there are some features that distinguish these methods from each other. DHI differs from other methods, especially from the FUE method, with the high-tech devices it uses.

Hair Transplant DHI uses a pen-like tool to implant extracted hair follicles into the recipient area. It is possible to transplant more hair follicles using this pen-like device. In addition, since this system makes its incision when implanting the hair, surgeons do not need to make cuts in the recipient region while implanting the extracted hair follicles.

In fact, the above article explains why the DHI method is expensive compared to other methods. DHI definitely deserves these prices with the high technology devices it uses and the high success rate it promises.

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