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Itching After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation procedures are the number one aesthetic procedures in the market. Why they’re preferred this much is mostly about people’s purchasing power. Health tourism has become a huge industry among countries and countries like Turkey have become the biggest destinations for aesthetic procedures. People from every corner of the world visit countries like Turkey for a good hair transplantation procedure. Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct Hair Implant procedures are the most performed hair transplantation procedures in Turkey. They are the best and safest hair transplantation procedures in the world. However, no matter how safe and good they are, complications like itching after hair transplantation are almost inevitable in most cases.

Itching over your skin can be very annoying depending on your case. For example, you were a child like everybody else and fell a couple of times and hurt your knees. You experienced many times that your knees had scabbing on them after you injured them. You can remember some times that you could not help yourself scratching your scabbing over your knee because of the intense itching. The bigger your scabbing got, the harder you scratched your knees. Your immune system procedures histamine to heal your damaged tissue up. The same thing happens in DHI procedures, too.

Should I Remove DHI Scabbing?

It is very dangerous to mess with your scabbing not just after your DHI procedures, but also after every possible reason. Your different body areas may experience a different type of scabbing which you can’t be so sure if it’s finished its development or not.

Scabbing over your hair transplantation area means that they are your early days of recovery. You should not even wash your hair during the early days of recovery. This generally takes 5-6 days and even after that, you should still be very careful when you wash your hand.

Your scabbing will slowly fall after it finishes its job so you do not have to remove it by yourself.

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