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How To Grow Hair Back

Most people, especially men are highly depressed with a type of hair loss they suffer from. There are thousands of hair loss remedies on the market and all of them have their own fans. However, we would like to tell you this, there is no cure for any kind of hair loss. If you got hit by a hair loss like male pattern baldness, you may be able to slow it down but there is no certain cure for it. Besides, your scalp does not have the ability to grow your hair back. People still want to believe those who claim that they know how to grow hair back. However, these people are blood-sucking liars and want to take advantage of people’s desperation over their hair.

You can undergo mesotherapy and PRP procedures to slow down your hair loss. Some people may have perfect results after such procedures but you still can’t be so sure that you were really experiencing a type of hair loss. Hair enters the rest phase every 3 years and this resting phase lasts for 3 months. You will experience unusual hair loss during these resting phases. However, your scalp will make up your hair loss after your resting phase is finished. Most hair losses make your resting phase take more than usual and this time, your losses are irreversible.

What To Do About Hair Grow?

Since most men are cursed with severe hair loss types like male pattern baldness, the best solution for this is a good hair transplant procedure. Male pattern baldness does not generally make your hair at the back of your scalp fall. Your hair follicles at the back of your head are stronger than your frontal hair strands.

Since they’re stronger hair follicles, they will be just fine after your hair transplant procedure. Find a good hair transplant surgeon and consider your options.

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