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Haircare After Hair Transplantation

People always think that a real hair transplantation procedure itself is the most important period when it comes to speaking of the hair transplant job’s success. However, how you take care of your transplanted hair after the procedure is the most important thing actually. Haircare after hair transplantation does not have to be hair-wash all the time. You need to follow your surgeon’s post-surgery haircare instructions during recovery.

The most common problem with hair transplantation procedures is generally associated with water and sunlight exposure situations. People generally wonder when they will be able to wash their hair during hair transplantation recovery.

A real hair transplantation procedure like FUE or DHI requires 4-5 days for early recovery. You should not expose your scalp to water during these days. You should not also apply any creams or lotions without your doctor’s knowledge. The best thing that you can do during the early hair transplantation recovery is to stay at home.

After the most dangerous period is over, you can gently wash your hair with warm water. You should use the products that your surgeon suggests to you. You should not use any kind of products without your doctor’s knowledge, especially hair care products because you can’t be so sure if they’re good for your hair or not.

You can go outside and take a walk after some time. However, you should still wear a protective hat for your scalp because you can’t risk exposing it to sunlight even months after your hair transplantation procedure.

Sunlight may cause your hair transplantation job to fail and may also result in terrible complications like skin necrosis and scarring. You should remember that the worst complications occur because of poor post-surgery hair care.

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