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Diffuse Hair Fall

Diffuse hair fall is a type of hair loss in which people lose hair equally in all over their scalps. The hair density goes very low when diffuse hair fall hits people. It’s actually one of the most annoying hair loss types in the world and mainly caused by male or female pattern baldness. Many diffuse hair fall cases are seen in young people who are victims of male or female pattern baldness.

Diffuse hair fall does not include a receding hairline which starts hitting people in the frontal head. A receding hairline situation is also mostly a result of male pattern baldness. All types of hair loss caused by male pattern baldness can be treated with a possible hair transplantation procedure.

If you have a diffuse hair loss, your options a bit more. You can use hair growth products or undergo PRP sessions to increase your hair density. These methods can flash your weak and little hair follicles on your scalp. These little and weak hair follicles are generally not be seen by other people.

Such methods provide considerable growth to these weak hair follicles and make them increase your hair density. However, such methods may not provide you a permanent solution, meaning that these hair follicles may return to their original size after some time.

Especially when you stop taking hair growth drugs like finasteride or minoxidil, your hair follicles will probably return to their previous sizes. Such products can be used after hair transplantation procedures as well. Hair growth products like finasteride and minoxidil do not create new real hair follicles, unlike the common misconception.

Diffuse hair fall can also be treated with scalp micropigmentation procedures. If you are okay with short hairstyles, you can definitely consider getting a scalp micropigmentation procedure for your diffuse hair loss problem.

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