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3 Months After Hair Transplant

3 Months after Hair Transplant is a very questioning subject for people who are considering a hair transplant or who have just had a hair transplant. You may be happy to see that your transplanted hair grows healthily three months after hair transplantation. However, it is possible to see that the transplanted hair sheds at once, especially after 3 months. Here’s brief information about the three months after hair transplant.

Hair Transplantation Process Until The Third Month

Shock hair loss and the growing back of your transplanted hair can be seen in the first month. The hair shafts begin to fall out with the scabs, and the growth stops in this phase. Almost all transplanted hairs will fall out during the first month, as expected shock loss. The transplanted hair grows in seven days.

Afterward, the hair follicles enter the telogen resting phase, which usually lasts a maximum of 10 weeks. Since hairs are individual structures, some hair strands completely lose contact with the follicles and fall out, while some strands may maintain good connections and then fall out.

Three Months After Hair Transplantation

When we came to the third month of your hair transplant procedure, you should see the new hairs that begin to grow. Newly growing hairs could be thin and curly like body hair. But the hairs become thicker and straighter as they lengthen.

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