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Hair Loss After COVID-19

Like the world, we are fighting COVID-19 almost throughout 2020. Although the main symptoms of coronavirus are fever and malaise, hair loss may occur in people who survive the coronavirus.

Many people who survived the coronavirus shared that the hair loss problem started. Actress Alyssa Milano shared on her social media account that COVID-19 caused hair loss. She shared a post and said that “This is my hair loss from COVID-19. Wear a damn mask”. After Milan shared this message, it started to share that people from all over the world have the same problems. Hair loss was seen in patients who survived the coronavirus, after about a month or three.

Although the Center for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t include hair loss on its list of COVID-19 symptoms, doctors found compelling evidence that it can be a long-term effect. However, this hair loss is thought to be temporary. Hair loss caused by coronavirus is thought to be temporary and has no long-term effect.

Many reasons can cause hair loss, such as fever, stress, aging. These factors force more hairs than usual into shedding. The medical name of the temporary hair loss is telogen effluvium. Illnesses that increase your fever-like COVID-19 can lead to temporary hair loss. Stress is also one of the most effective hair loss. You can feel stressed when you struggling with the coronavirus.

All in all, the main factors that lead to hair loss is can be fever and stress because fever and stress can force more hairs to enter the shedding phase. We know the symptoms of COVID-19 include also fever and stress. Thus, we can say that COVID-19 can lead to temporary hair loss after you survived coronavirus.

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