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Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

For those who are lost their self-esteem and who have stress and anxiety due to hair loss and baldness, there are some hair transplant methods to restore your hair. But these hair transplant treatments are surgery that needs time. For your hair to look natural as before, you should give this time to your body. Because as in many transplant treatments, this time required for the transfer of the hair follicle taken from the donor area to the recipient area and the fusion of the follicles to the new area. Thus, patients should be patient during hair transplant treatment.

So, what awaits you in the hair transplant process:

  1. The day after surgery
    • You are instructed to wash your hair gently till your scalp is free of any blood.
  2. 2 or 3 days after surgery
    • The scabbling that occurs after the operation gradually disappears. In this part swelling may appear on the recipient area and you may feel discomfort.
  3. 4 or 5 days later
    • Your nose may swell and also can be seen swelling around the eyes and cheeks.
  4. 1 week later
    • Usually during this part swelling has subsided and also redness is absent.
    • Transplanted hairs look and feel like a week-old beard.
    • Soreness on the donor area is generally gone.
  5. 10 days after
    • Transplanted grafts are firmly in place.
  6. 2 weeks after
    • The transplanted hair begins to be shed. In this part, you can wash your head with normal shampoo.
  7. 3 weeks after
    • Most of the transplanted hair has been shed in this part.
  8. 1 month after
    • After one month the resting phase has been started. Probably, you’ll look very much like you did before the procedure.
  9. After 2 to 5 months
    • In this phase, your hair starts to grow, initially as very fine hair. Original hair that was shed before begins to grow back.
  10. After 6 and 9 months
    • Hair continues to grow and thicken.
  11. 10 months later
    • If a second session is needed, it will be discussed.
  12. 1 year after
    • This is the final part of hair transplant treatment. The final appearance of the hair transplants can begin to be appreciated.

As you can see, this is a time needed process. So, you have to calm and continue to treatment procedure patiently. In every step, you should contact your doctor.

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