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Recipient Area Problems

There are two areas in which a hair transplantation procedure is interested. A recipient area is where a person suffers from hair loss and want hair transplantation. The donor area is the area where a required amount of hair follicles are extracted for the recipient area. Problems may occur in both of these areas. Recipient area problems are the most common ones because of the microchannels individually opened during hair transplant procedures.

The recipient area is actually where people have their biggest concerns. There are many questions frequently asked by both hair transplant candidates and patients. Here are some of these questions below:

  • How long will it take to grow new hair after a hair transplant?
  • Will there be further hair loss after hair transplant?
  • Why does my transplanted hair grow?
  • Why does my recipient area hurt?
  • Why is there redness on my scalp?
  • Why is there swelling on my scalp? When does swelling go away?
  • Why do I suffer from itching over my recipient area?
  • Can I scratch my recipient area?

A hair transplant procedure requires patience that’s why you need to be okay with hair growth durations between 8-14 months. That’s why you do not have to worry about your hair if it does not grow an inch for a couple of months.

You may suffer from shock hair loss but it’s okay because it’s not a permanent hair loss. Pain over the recipient area is so so rare, if you suffer from it, see your doctor.

You should not scratch your scalp if you suffer from severe itching. It will disappear sooner or later, just hold yourself. Swelling is a result of frequent movement of the body. You should limit your movements and stay home.

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