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Foods for Healthy Hair

Having healthy and strong hair will make you look more self-confident. There are some foods that promote your hair and help it look stronger and healthier.

As a result of the researches, a person’s hair can grow an average of 1.25 cm per month and an average of 15 cm per year. The rate at which your hair grows is mostly related to your age, general health, and diet. If you eat healthily, or if you exercise for a healthy life and live stress-free, you can have stronger and healthier hair. In the content of this article, we will suggest a few foods that will benefit your hair.

  • Berries are one of the hair-friendly food that a great source of vitamin C and vitamin C has strong antioxidant properties. As a result of researchers, it is proven that antioxidants can protect hair follicles against damage from harmful molecules. Vitamin C is also used in the production of collagen by your body. You can meet 141% of your daily vitamin C need with only one cup of strawberries.
  • Seeds are nutrients rich in vitamin E, zinc, and selenium. These nutrients help your hair growth. When you eat 28 grams of sunflower seeds, you will meet half of your daily vitamin E need.
  • Oysters are one of the great sources of zinc. Zinc is a mineral that supports hair repair and growth. However, you should know that consuming too much zinc may lead to hair loss.
  • Nuts also have a variety of nutrients that can promote hair growth. When you eat 28 grams of almonds provides 37% of your daily vitamin E needs. Vitamin E and vitamin B are linked to hair loss.
  • Meat is the last food on that list. Meat is one of the main sources of protein and protein is essential for strong and healthy hair. Red meat also contains iron that may promote hair growth.

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