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DHI For Eyebrow

Some people may not have the same amount of hair on their eyebrows. This not a bad thing at all, there are even people who do not even eyebrows and considered queens of beauty by other people. However, not all people are so okay with their thin eyebrows. Thanks to the development in aesthetic, plastic, and cosmetic procedures, people may have the best eyebrows with a hair transplantation procedure ever. For example, people prefer direct hair implant or DHI for eyebrow transplantation.

During a standard hair transplant procedure, hair follicles extracted from the donor area(s) are planted on the recipient area(s) of patients. Eyebrow transplantation has the same surgery principles as hair transplantation procedures have. Surgeons harvest enough hair follicles from several parts of their patients’ bodies. After that, the extracted hair follicles are carefully planted on the people’s eyebrows area.

The most important thing when it comes to getting eyebrow transplantation is the ethnicity look. People would like to keep their ethnicity look after eyebrow hair transplantation procedures. Surgeons can also use the FUE method for Eyebrow transplantation procedures. However, DHI is a more advanced hair transplantation procedure that involves robotic calculations of hair follicle angles and depths.

The calculations of hair follicle depth and angle determine the goodness of the patients’ ethnicity look. The success rate of an eyebrow transplantation is generally associated with the natural results given because there is almost none eyebrow transplantation failure has been reported so far.

Most people generally spend the first day at home after their eyebrow procedures. It is actually the slightest hair transplantation procedure ever and the patients are guaranteed to return to work the day after their procedures.

Slight swelling and itching can occur over the surgical area. If they get more severe, doctor’s consultancy may be needed for prescription drugs, creams, or lotions.

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