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Will Transplanted Hair Fall Out?

A person who’s been living with a balding head for some time may have a couple of questions related to hair transplant procedures. For example, the most important and the most frequently asked question is ” Will transplanted hair fall out?”. The answer to this question depends on how good you know about the principles of a standard hair transplant procedure like FUE, follicular unit extraction, or DHI, direct hair implant. These two famous hair transplant procedures can be performed with no-shave or full-shave methods. Most experts say that both ways have no impact on the fate of the hair transplant process, they are done according to the candidate’s demands.

However, most experts prefer full-shave hair transplant surgery because it provides the best comfort to both surgeons and hair transplant patients as well. The reason why some candidates want to undergo no-shave hair transplant procedures is associated with the hurry of these people. Some people claim that they do not have enough time to wait for their transplanted hair to grow again because of personal reasons. However, there is something that these people do not know or do not want to know. The transplanted hair falls out after some time because of some reasons.

The reason why transplanted hair falls out is your immune system’s position after your procedure. Your hair follicles can’t simply adapt to your scalp tissue that easy. Your hair can grow a bit longer but your immune will target them as a threat to your scalp and your body. Once your immune systems start attacking your hair follicles, your hair will start falling out slowly. The amount of hair that will fall out like that changes patient to patient. Some may even lose all of the transplanted hair.

However, this is not bad news because you do not lose your hair follicles because of these attacks. Your hair strands fall out and your hair follicles will grow fresh ones slowly. However, you will have to wait for a long time, maybe like 9 months, to see the final look of your hair.

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