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FUE Hair Transplant Black Man

There are thousands of different people in terms of race, immune system, metabolism, heredity, body shape, body hair, etc… Most people would like to keep their racial identity when they consider getting an aesthetic procedure. Ethnicity is a big factor in the aesthetic world, especially in the hair transplantation industry.

Fue stands for Follicular Hair Extraction and is known for its perfect results on giving the best natural-looking appearance. Since the reason for the preference for FUE is the natural results, the procedure generally requires individualized hair transplantation plans for patients. For example, an FUE hair transplantation for a black man should be performed differently than one for an Asian guy.

How is FUE Performed On A Black Man?

In order to get the best results, you should first know a considerable amount of information on hair types. FUE method involves the extraction of hair follicles. A hair follicles is a group of hair strands and includes 1 to 4 hair in each of them.

Asian hair is typically straight because Asians have more hair follicles than an ordinary Caucasian does. But hair follicles have less hair (1-2) which gives them a high-density hair look. In fact, an Asian has typically thinner hair. Unlike Asians, a black man whose hair typically predisposed to become curly as it gets longer has an average number of hair follicles with maximum hair strands in it.

The standard FUE steps are applied for all the people but the main difference is the number of grafts to be implanted. Doctors say that when a black man’s hair gets longer, it provides more coverage than ever. So this is why fewer grafts should be planted on a black man’s recipient area where he’s been suffering from hair loss.

In order to give the best natural appearance, the surgeon should also plant the follicles with the best angle and deepness. The Robotic FUE method is the best for such intense procedures and always gives the best natural results. Unfortunately, robotic FUE procedures a bit expensive when compared to the other famous FUE techniques like sapphire and ordinary FUE methods.

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