Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Permanent Hair Plugs

There are actually a couple of different ways to see some hair or hair density on the scalp again. For example, real hair transplant procedures are considered the best way to get some real hair on the scalp. A real hair transplant procedure is performed to last forever, they are not meant to be temporary and the procedure itself is not reversible. There is another way that does not include real hair follicles. Permanent hair plugs made of artificial synthetic fibers can be used on the scalp to provide a good hair density.

Hair transplantation procedures like FUE and DHI are actually the number one hair restoration methods in the world. The success rate of these procedures is considerably high and the risk of complications is not so high these days. It is true that some people suffered from terrible hair transplant after-surgery complications because of several reasons but they’re all in the past. If you are eligible for a real hair transplant procedure, you should not hesitate to undergo it.

Artificial hair implants are also considered permanent hair plugs because you can live with them forever. However, they all have durability so you will need to replace them with the new ones in the future. No matter how good your artificial hair implants are or how good you take care of them, they will face deformation in time. The deformation is inevitable and they will definitely lose their fresh look.

However, today’s artificial hair implantation procedures are very good because they are more natural these days. It is true that those of the past looked like wigs and were made of low-quality equipment. If you are eligible for a real hair transplant, it is always best to take it instead of a artificial hair implantation procedure.

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