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FUE Durability

The most important thing that people always wonder when it comes to getting hair transplant procedures is its possible durability. People prefer different types of hair transplantation procedures to get good hair density back on their heads again. FUE, follicular unit extraction is the most preferred hair transplant job in the world and there are also several types of FUE procedures in the world. FUE durability has always been a discussion between candidates. People always ask themselves this question ” Will my transplanted hair fall out again? “. They have a right to think so because a hair transplant job is irreversible this means that you will not grow new hair follicles at the back of your head.

FUE Facts

FUE hair transplant procedures aim to provide permanent results on candidates. Both candidates and surgeons do not want a hair transplant procedure to fail after some point. Hair follicles at the back of the head are mostly resistant to male pattern baldness or any kind of hair loss. Candidates undergo such hair transplant procedures with understanding this fact.

However, most hair transplantation candidates experience shock loss 10-15 days after their procedures. The channels of hair follicles are opened with pens and scalp experiences a trauma because of this process. Some people may experience minimal shock loss while some experience massive ones. However, people generally grow their hair back after shock loss. Most people know this fact but they feel very nervous about it anyway.

People really need to learn the fact that their bodies will rot in time. This is the same for their hair as well. A hair transplant job can’t challenge aging. It is true that you will have the same exact real hair you had once but your transplanted hair will go thin eventually. It is always up to you that you can extend its durability if you take good care of your hair all the time.

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