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Beard FUE

FUE, short for Follicular Unit Extraction is the most common hair transplantation procedure in the world. Most people can afford a good FUE procedure everywhere they want. Especially the number of those who would like to undergo FUE procedures in a foreign country like Turkey has been increasing year by year. However, not all the people want FUE procedures to get some hair on their head. Beard FUE has been a trend for the last years after before and after photos of beard, transplantation jobs started floating on the internet.

Beard FUE is not any different than the other standard hair transplantation procedures. Surgeons collect hair follicles from their patients’ bodies and carefully plant these hair follicles on the recipient area. There are not so many people who undergo beard FUE procedures but the number has been very high for the last years. Beard hair can be collected from every part of your body. Even chest hairs can be used to create a beard for the candidates.

Beard FUE procedures are not as expensive as standard FUE hair transplantation procedures. Some hair transplantation procedures may even take more than one session. However, FUE beard transplantations generally take so less and people are guaranteed to return to their home and work within a couple of days.

People who undergo beard transplantation procedures generally do not experience shock hair loss situation. Those who undergo standard hair transplantation procedures generally experience such a problem, however, the majority of the loss will be recovered by the scalp. This means that if FUE beard candidate experiences shock hair loss after some time during his recovery, the beard hair will return back slowly but surely.

Your beard may require a couple of months to recover its loss after a possible shock hair loss.

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